You are a lover of the fresh, attractive. Then let’s break the rules, boring interior design styles by embarking on re-setting up the room with Shabby chic style. It can be seen that the Shabby chic interior designs always bring a freshness but still have familiar features for homeowners. If you are looking for a liberal, romantic interior style, Shabby chic is a great suggestion for you.

Shabby chic living room.

What is Shabby Chic?

Interior design style Shabby Chic is an English vintage style interior design with many old furniture, bright colors and a little spoiled appearance over time. This stylish interior décor originates from country houses in England.

The traditional feature of Shabby Chic is to use old items such as fabrics, pictures, furniture and tables with pale paint. Shabby Chic style decoration brings an elegant, elegant interior space that is natural and friendly. In addition to using degraded items, new items are also used if they are made to look old.

Old items with main white tones exude a luxurious yet intimate look
Classic kitchen cabinets combine country style items.
Soft bed with soft pleated lines.

Shabby Chic style features

Choose furniture in accordance with Shabby Chic style

Wooden furniture materials are always an indispensable feature in the rooms designed in Shabby Chic style. In addition, metal is also an indispensable candidate in each space.
All details, lines or the smallest dots are also focused. Natural or artificial scratches are also emphasized. Creates a nostalgic beauty, close to standard Shabby Chic.
The uniqueness of the silver wooden sofa contrasts with the table.

The Shabby Chic-style living room is often centered on a large fabric-covered sofa with used or vintage counterfeit items.

The fabric sofa is often the highlight of the living room with Shabby Chic style.

Interior design color Shabby Chic style

It is easy to see in Shabby Chic style design rooms that always prefer pale white, pinkish, light green, gray or neutral tones … to create a distinct impression. Bright colors used overwhelmingly in quantity, Shabby Chic is a style based on a simple color theme combining furniture and user preferences.

The color tones in dark and bold tones are minimized. Because those colors will accidentally break the inherent elegance, lightness, and grace of Shabby Chic style.

Rhythm bedroom with two colors white – light blue.

Utensils, decorative items

Each style, redesign trend has its own unique style decorations. You can see the distinctive highlights of Shabby Chic decor style such as bottles, fabrics, pictures, … with a slight, gentle direction. All these decorative items also help bring an overall, most elegant look to the living space.

Old items appeared on a white background.

In addition to interior design of housing such as apartments, living rooms, bedrooms, Shabby Chic is also a not bad choice for cafes, fashion shops or other business models …

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